• If you don’t have an existing photo for the category, try shooting one specifically for it. The more categories you enter, the stronger your chances of overall success in the competition.
  • Select the best image for the category, be sure to check that any image entered wouldn’t be stronger in another category.
  • Composition – where possible, try to  apply the basic rule of composition – i.e  the rule of thirds
  • Focus – the subject must be pin sharp, if it isn’t, it is unlikely to win an accolade. How much of the image is in focus depends on the story you are trying to tell. Select your aperture according to the depth of field you are trying obtain.
  • Background – try to avoid distraction from the subject or scene, by zooming (or cropping during editing) to eliminate any undesirable elements.
  • Presentation – after striving to achieve the best possible image  in camera and during editing, please now consider the final output. As all entries are on print, this is the final element to consider for the competition. If you are competent at printing at home, please pay attention to details such as colour accuracy, hue and resolution. Also slightly larger print sizes tend to help, to a limit of 6×8 inches unless stated otherwise.
  • If you are happy to send your images away for online printing, again aim for 6x8in (typically 50p each) and be sure to tick the “colour correction” for best results.