Plants in Pots:

  • Pot size is critical, too large and it will not be judged.  Make sure you refer to the the section heading
  • People often think bigger is better, it is not always the case.  Small and beautiful will compete well
  • Don’t worry about pollen beetles in the flowers, everyone has them, but do worry about greenfly!
  • Remove old leaves or anything that spoils the look of the plant and don’t forget to clean the pot if it is dirty
  • Note that if a flowering plant is entered into a foliage class it will only be judged on its foliage

Cut flowers:

  • Most flowers look better in a vase if cut the night before and left in deep water, rather than cutting them on the morning of the show
  • For vases of one species try to show a uniform set of blooms. Good uniformity will often outperform size.
  • Struggle to understand the difference between perennial and shrub?  A perennial disappears over winter, a shrub has a woody part that remains above ground. 
  • Your flowers should be fresh, free from blemishes, at their most perfect stage of development and uniform in size.
  • Ensure your container is filled with water to avoid exhibits wilting during the show.  If we have good weather the marquee does get very warm.

Decorative Classes:

  • This is all about flower arrangements and make sure you abide  by the schedule.  You will note that there is a size limit to be adhered to
  • Yes you can purchase your flowers (except for the wild flower and grass class) but they still need to be of good quality.
  • Balance and harmony as well as design and colour make this section one for the more artistic entrant
  • You can construct your arrangement before you arrive on the day