On the day

Don’t forget you cannot turn up on the day and enter – you must enter in advance by completing an entry form either from a printed schedule or you may print from this website. (Click here)

On the day of the show the marquee is open from 8am and someone will be there to show you where your entry goes. Your entry cards can be collected at the entrance to the marquee. Each entry in a class must have your entry card with it – face down so the judges cannot see your name.

Once your entry is in place in the marquee please leave the marquee to allow others to stage their entries. Everyone except judges and stewards must leave the marquee by 10:45am.

The show opens at 2pm in the afternoon when you can go into the marquee to see all of the judged exhibits. Entry to the marquee is £1 per adult, children are free.

There’s plenty of parking on the recreation ground if you are coming from outside of the village. We do ask for a small voluntary contribution to park your car – this goes towards maintaining our funds for next year

As well as the marquee there are several stalls and places to get an ice cream or drink as well as demonstrations of crafts such as woodcarving.

At 4:30 we start to hand out the awards for the show – there are several cups available to win as listed in the printed schedule. Previous cup winners are listed on this website

After prize giving there’s an auction of the entries that are kindly donated by entrants. You can pick up a prize winning cake, cucumber or bunch of flowers for a bargain – and the money again will go towards funding next year’s show

To end the show we’ll draw the raffle –  usually around 5:15 ; there are always some excellent prizes on offer donated by local business and the committee members.

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