Cup Winners

Cup Name:Awarded For:Previous Winners:
Doug South Silver SalverBest Exhibit in Section 12018 - Pat Moss
Mrs Elsie Dye SalverBest Geranium (Class 6)2018 - Fiona Marshall
Anthony Peel CupBest Single Specimen Rose (Class 14)2018 - Jane Wells
H Bullard Cup Best 2 Varieties Of Perennial Flowers (Class 17)2018 - Jane Wells
Offord CupHighest Points In The Rose Classes (Classes 11,12,13,14 & 33)2018 - Leigh Arnold
F Seabrook CupWinner of Class 23 - 27 Sweet Peas2018 - Val Brown
Youngman Carter Cup Best Table Decoration (Class 34)2018 - Jane Ponder
Madden CupBest Arrangement Of Wild Flowers/Grasses (Class 36)2018 - Nicola Morrall
Rebekah Clark Cup Highest Points in Decorative classes - Section 32018 - Sheila Ponder
The Presland CupBest Exhibit in the Photographic Section2018 - Pearl Winch
Cup for Highest Points in Photographic SectionHighest Points in the Photographic Section2018 - Pearl Winch
Jack Birkin CupHighest Points for Soft Fruit2018 - Colin Lingley
Anglia TV Cup Best Collection of Fruit & Vegetables (Class 72)2018 - Colin Lingley
A A Morris Cup Highest Points Potato (Classes 73 & 74)2018 - Colin Lingley / Anthony Seabrook
C Presland CupBest Exhibit in Section 5 - Home Produce Section2018 - Colin Lingley
G Cottee CupHighest Points in the Home Produce Section2018 - Colin Lingley
D A South CupThe Best Garden2018 - Jane Wells
V And R Brown Cup Highest Points in the Cookery & Preserves Section2018 - Christine Arnold
G Tanner CupThe Best Handicraft Exhibit2018 - Isobel Kersey
Gilbert Dye Cup The Best Handicraft (Classes 135 & 137)2018 - Janice Banks
Joan Scott Memorial Trophy Best Children's Handwriting (Class 139)2018 - Grace Beresford
Brian Scott Cup Best Children's Handwriting (Class 140)2018 - Lara Carroll
D A South Cup Best Children's Exhibit2018 - Adam Richards
Youngman Carter Cup Highest Points in the Show2018 - Leigh Arnold

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